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Can I sack my mum? - dilemma's of a small business

January 15, 2017

As a small business, you were more than happy to get help and advice from anyone who wanted to support you.  But now your business has reached that point where you have moved from operating from the kitchen table, established your reputation amongst your peers and customers and need to do things a bit more professionally.  Your mum has been brilliant but discussing your personal quirks with potential customers has to stop!  The answer is not simple as it depends on a number of factors.....

1. What is your mum's employment status?  Employee, volunteer, paid or unpaid, subcontractor? 

2. How long has she been helping you? 6 months, a year or longer

2. What ground rules did you put in place before she started helping you?  (This is often in an employee handbook or contract of employment)

3. What is she actually doing?  Has she been able to do it in the past and you have avoided dealing with it - have you set a precedent?

4. Have you had a chat with her about it - making a note of time/date and what was discussed?

5. Have you explained to her what 'good' looks like or what improvements she needs to make - did she understand what you said?

6. Does she understand the consequences of her behaviour?

7. Its a tough one to manage but if she was not your mum (and chief Sunday Roast provider) - how would you handle the situation?

If you need some independent support (no roast dinners needed) then give us a call - we can provide a safe environment to talk the through the issues, your concerns and potential consequences. 01237 439 338.

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